The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
Cedar Bluff
Nature Preserve
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Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve is a 23 acre Nature Conservancy property located in
Monroe County, not far from Harrodsburg.  The preserve lies alongside the banks
of Clear Creek and includes a limestone bluff (depicted at left) which rises between
Clear Creek and an intermittent tributary of the creek. The preserve is an excellent
area for observing spring wildflowers such as Hepatica, Celandine Poppy, and
Virginia Bluebell, as well as ferns like Purple-stemmed Cliffbrake and Lipferns.

The trail begins across the road, meandering for a while before approaching Clear
Creek. It then follows the creek, and the path becomes - in places, at least - a
challenging scramble over rocks, roots, and flood debris.

The bluff seems to rise on your left as you near the confluence of Clear Creek and
the intermittent stream that marks the southern end of the bluff. Once you reach
the end of the bluff, turn left and work your way around to its other side.

The climb to the top is not the easiest conceivable challenge, but once there you'll
enjoy excellent views of the surrounding countryside. True to its name, the top of
the bluff contains an extensive stand of cedar trees, and paths explore both the
cedars and other wooded areas along the top of the bluff.

Directions:  From the intersection of IN 37 and old IN 37 (Walnut) on the south side
of Bloomington, continue south on Old 37 for about a mile to Ketcham roundabout.
Turn right, then right again onto Ketcham, and continue about 3.7 miles to a small
parking pull off on the right side of the road, under the power lines.