The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
Judah aka Judy or
Lost Covered Bridge
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Also known as the Lost or Judy Covered Bridge.
This Burr Arch Truss structure had a length of 120 feet
and was built in 1884 by The Kennedy Brothers.

David A. Judah noted in the July 1965 Indiana Covered Bridge
Society Newsletter that his grandfather lived on the north bank of
the stream and built a gristmill about 200 yards downstream from
where the Judah Covered Bridge would eventually be located.
The abutments were of native stone quarried or dug from the
steep hillside on the south side of the stream. They were rolled or
dragged to the site and cut as needed. A spelling hammer was
used to break off the excess stone and then a stonecutter with
mallet and chisel finished the work. The top stones on these
piers, or 'buttments' as folks called them, were a lot larger than
the others. The arches supporting the weight of the bridge and its
load rested on these heavy stones. Heavy timbers spaced six to
eight feet apart and at right angles with the structure held the
long, white oak stringers. The flooring was also of white oak, the
vertical siding of poplar, and the roof of regular wood shingles."

In extremely cold weather the Judah's hogs and those of
the neighbors would come to sleep in the bridge. To keep
warm, they would pile together and often the smaller ones
would be crowded through the sides and fall into the water
or on the ice.

Because of its remote location and eventual abandonment, the
Judah Covered Bridge became generally known as the Lost
Covered Bridge and was listed as #14-53-09 in the World Guide
(according to G. Gould's 1977 list)
The bridge was torn down during the winter and spring of 1947.
the M. L. Daviess