The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
Covered Bridges
of Clear Creek
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In the early days of this country, ferries and barges were
adequate for the transportation of people and goods across
streams and rivers. As the population grew and trade
increased, however, the need to transport larger numbers of
people and heavier goods across waterways mandated the
development of bridges.

The earliest bridges were simply logs stretched across
supporting timbers. The span of the bridge was limited to the
length of the supporting timber, or stringer. As the industry of
spans using trusses, arches, and joined stringers.
Like many structures of the late 18th century, these bridges
were made almost entirely of wood. It soon became apparent
that the joints of a wooden truss bridge would deteriorate
rapidly when exposed to the elements. The covered bridge
was invented in response to the need to protect the wood
trusses and joints.