The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Additional Township
in the back right corner of the property.  This is just south of where the old rail road tracks
contact the Trustee.  There is a older female that visits that location every couple of years.

UNKNOWN LOCATION & HISTORY - Lucas Family Cemetery > Clear Creek - Section 1
Old Lucas Family Cem. Attempting to confirm.  Unable to locate.

UNKNOWN HISTORY - Doc Mitchell Graves > Clear Creek - Section 3
Thought to be multiple infant graves on Doc Mitchell Drive on Left next to Old RR Bed.

UNKNOWN LOCATION & HISTORY - Young Family Cemetery > Clear Creek - Section 11
Reported to township in 2004 as the Young Family Cemetery off Will Sowders Road.  
Unable to locate.

UNKNOWN NAME & HISTORY - Spillway Hill Cemetery > Clear Creek - Section 27
Top of hill just South East of Spillway.  May have been location of Goodman Cemetery?


The information was pulled from a Monroe County Cemetery Database from WPA
information collected 1937/1939.  This information was taken by David Foster, Ron
Baldwin and earlier versions of the cemetery books were prepared by Claude Rice with
the MCHS publications committee.  

For availability of complete burial listings for these cemeteries, please contact the Monroe
County Historical Society Products and Services at (812) 355-5588.