The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Emergency Assistance

How does the township trustee provide aid?

The trustee issues vouchers, never cash, to pay for the
goods and services which they provide for eligible
applicants. A voucher is not money, but is a written promise
that the trustee will pay money to the company or person
who provides the aid. For instance, if you need food, the
trustee may give you a voucher to take to a grocery store.

The voucher is good for the amount stated on the voucher,
and only if you take it to the store specified on the voucher.

The grocery takes the voucher in exchange for the food you
select. You will receive no change if you use less than the
full amount of your voucher. Then the store turns the
voucher back in to the trustee, who is required to pay the
store the amount of the voucher within 45 days.

Please call (812) 824-7225 to schedule and appointment.