The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Emergency Assistance
What kind of assistance can the township trustee provide?

Specifically, the trustee may provide assistance to meet the
following basic needs:

1. Clothing: necessary for employment, school or ordinary
2. Food: for households not receiving food stamps. The trustee
will not supplement food stamps except in specific emergencies
such as theft, spoilage or health needs.
3. Household Supplies: cleaning and hygiene items.
4. Medical Assistance: not otherwise provided by insurance,
clinics, and/or other government subsidized programs.
5. Shelter: The trustee will not pay for housing that is unfit.
6. Utilities: bills in the current name of the applicant for the
current residence.
7. Other services such as transportation to seek and/or maintain
employment, and burials may be provided depending on the

Please call (812) 824-7225 to schedule and appointment.