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Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Emergency Assistance
How do I apply for township trustee assistance?

In most cases you will need to phone the trustee’s office to
schedule an appointment. Some townships accept walk-ins, but
most prefer or require appointments.

An individual seeking township assistance will be given an
application and a list of other documents or information needed to
complete the application. Generally, an appointment will be
scheduled at this time for an interview with the trustee or
investigator, at which time the application and all requested
information is to be completed. An application is not considered
completed until all adult members of the household have signed
all forms and documents, including a Disclosure and Release of
Information, that are required by law or are determined necessary
by the township.

The township trustee or staff will assist any individual in
completing the application when needed if the applicant has a
mental or physical disability, or cannot read or write the English
language. If an individual who is required to sign a form as per the
application process is unable to sign the form in the trustee’s
office due to a physical or mental disability, or illness, the trustee
shall make alternate arrangements to obtain the individual’s

Please call (812) 824-7225 to schedule and appointment.