The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Emergency Assistance
There are three major requirements to be met before a
determination of eligibility can be made:

1. Work Requirement
By law, the trustee must require any ablebodied, unemployed
member of an applicant’s household to seek and accept
employment, unless:
a. Disabled;
b. Under age 18, or over age 65;
c. Needed to care for another person;
d. There is no work assignment available;
e. Employed full-time;
f. Employment would violate fair labor standards or the law

The trustee may require proof of your inability to work, such as a
doctor’s statement. If you are granted assistance by the township,
are unemployed but able to work, you may be assigned to a
workfare job. The work you perform, as directed by the township,
will help pay for the aid you get. For many, workfare has been a
major step on the road to a job in the private sector.

Please call (812) 824-7225 to schedule and appointment.