The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana

Monday, July 1, 1918
After an illness of several weeks due to the infirmities of old age,
Theodore Thrasher, 82 years old, died at 8:30 this morning at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Kentling, wife of Dr. J. V. Kentling,
South College avenue. Mr. Thrasher had led a busy life as agent
of the Monon railroad at Smithville from which position he
resigned November 15, 1917.

Mr. Thrasher’s other children are: Mrs. Hugh Baker, this city; Mrs.
Andrew Deckard, Mrs. Horace Trister, and Miss Mary Thrasher,
this county. He is also survived by a sister, Mrs. Jerry Chambers,

Mr. Thrasher was a member of the Masonic lodge at Harrodsburg.

When Mr. Thrasher resigned as Monon agent at Smithville last
November, that road lost its oldest employee from point of
service. He became agent at Smithville station fifty-two years ago
at the time the road was completed into the little town. He had
enjoyed remarkably good health and had been at the depot every
day, doing all the work himself until the day he turned the office
over to Charles Deckard, who was checked in as his successor.

Mr. Thrasher saw the Monon improve from a small railroad to one
of the most important of its size in the country. When he
accepted the position s agent, there were no telegraph wires and
wood was used instead of coal to fire the engines.

Because of his long and faithful service, the Monon officials told
Mr. Thrasher at the time of his resignation that he would be kept
on the payroll of the company the remainder of his life.

Bloomington (IN) Weekly Courier, July 3, 1918, p. 3