The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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The village of Fairfax has also existed since early in the thirties (1830's). N.
Whisenand and R. Wilson started a liquor shop there in 1835, and in 1838
Scarborough & Wilson opened a merchandise store. The old Helton grist
mill was an early landmark of the town, and was a successful plant, its owner
shipping quantities of goods down the creeks south.

1960's - The town of Fairfax was flooded for Lake Monroe.

1990's -  During a dry spell, the water level was so low the Fairfax re-surfaced.
After a very muddy walk out to up-town Fairfax (NW side) everything was coated
with mud. You could see bricks, wells, limestone peers used as foundations. Is
was like a walk back in time after a mud storm.