The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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The first settler in this township (Clear Creek Township) and in Monroe County, according to old Col.
Ketchum, who settled in the northwest corner of Clear Creek Township in 1817, was David McHolland.
This man whose wife is either now living or was few years ago, at a very advanced age, came to the
township for permanent residence when the State was yet a Territory, or in 1815. Col. Ketchum, who
came in two years later, and was well acquainted with Mr. McHolland, often stated that the latter was, no
doubt, the first settler in Monroe County. Of course the Territory now comprising the county, had
previously been invaded by white hunters and trappers, but, so far as known, no white family, including
wife and children, became actual residents until Mr. McHolland arrived. He was a famous hunter and
supported his family mainly with his rifle. He killed numerous bears in various portions of the county,
often under circumstances of great personal peril. His wife always boasted of having baked the first
corn pone in Monroe “County, and was, no doubt, justified by facts in doing so. The McHollands
cultivated an acre or two of ground, upon which they squatted, and after a few years went to the
northwestern part of the county, where they continued to reside many years. The name of the second
settler in this township, cannot be indicated. Barlett Woodward came to the township in 1816, and
entered considerable land upon which he erected a rude log cabin for his family, which either came out
the same fall or the next spring. Several families were residing in the township at this time. Mr.
Woodward became a prominent citizen, and was elected one of the first County Commissioners of the
county in 1818. Col. Ketchum built a grist mill on Clear Creek as early as 1818, which for many years was
famous in all the surrounding country. Green’s mill was another one; Chambers and Shirley each owned
early water mills. The Taylors probably sent the first flat boat loaded with pork, grain, etc., down either
Clear of Salt Creeks from Monroe County. They built their own boats, and knew how to manage them on
their way to Southern markets. The Chambers brothers also sent early boats of pork and grain down the
creeks. Col. Ketchum was about as early in shipping pork, grain, flour, etc., as any one in the township
or county. He also shipped lumber. Later, Elias Bruner shipped cherry and other finer varieties of
lumber down the creeks. These were some of the early enterprises in Clear Creek Township.

Source: Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana. Historical and Biographical. Charles
Blanchard, Editor. F.A. Battey & Co., Publishers, 1884.
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