The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Township schools first appeared in 1824 and thereafter spread
sections did not see schools until the 1830s or 1840s. The first
schools were log houses, either adapted from former cabins or
funds created for common schools, many districts constructed
frame schoolhouses. By 1880–81, most township schools were
frame, though some were brick, and a few log houses were still
in use. The quality of the building and the size of the student
body varied by township; in the more populous regions, ten or
twelve families “sent” to the nearest school, while in sparsely
populated areas, two or three families supported a school. In
1880–81, pupils per school ranged from 20 to 68. Locations
sometimes varied to suit the majority of the children. School
terms might run for as little as three months a year, or suspend
activity for the winter, or function only in winter, according to
the needs of the children.

In 1888, there were 92 township schools, 8 in Clear Creek
Township.  In 1921, rural schools adopted a uniform eight-
month schedule; before that time, students had generally
attended only six or seven months per year. Schools that had
served fewer than twelve pupils during the previous year were
closed, and mandatory attendance until age 16 was instituted.
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Lakeview Elementary

Monroe County
Community School Corp.

Township Schools
(Now closed)

Smithville School & H.S.

Harrodsburg School

First Pioneer Schools
School # and Name

1. Smithville
2. Mount Ebal
3. Phillips (Sec.32)
4. Harrodsburg
5. Wooden (Sec. 23)
6. Mitchell (Sec. 6)
7. Smithville
8. Jack Strain (Sec. 15)