The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
Trogden Lane Monster ?
For many years there have been stories about a Big Foot type creature lurking about
Lake Monroe.

Back years ago even before the "Big Foot" sightings outbreak.  
Southern Monroe County and Northern Lawrence County had the

Trogden Lane Monster.

On the trail of something in the night 10-30-88

By Mike Leonard
October 30, 1988

Dan Combs remembers the night as if it were yesterday, even though it occurred some
23 years ago.  Combs was 12 years old and his sister, Pat, was 15. Both were walking
home from church early one evening to their parents' isolated home near Harrodsburg.

"There was a bridge that went across the hollow, and a little waterfall to the left,'' he
recalled. "Right when we got to the bridge we heard a shriek.  "I thought it was a
mountain lion,'' Combs said. "I told my sister it was a fox. I said something like, 'foxes
have been known to make some really weird noises,' though in my heart I knew there
was a giant lion down there waiting to jump up and get me.  "We walked very quickly
across the bridge and when we got to the other side, about 50 feet away, we heard a
great big rustling in the brush, and something very large walked out into the road.  
"When its feet hit the pavement it sounded like a horse or a cow ­ it made a clop, clop
noise . . . I guessed it was 7-feet tall or so. It was all hunched over and kind of
silvery-grey colored.''  Combs said he and his sister stood transfixed, staring at the
creature as it stared back at them. "When it breathed it made this low, vibrating rumble.
The only thing I can compare it to is a buffalo, because I stood next to a buffalo once and
it made that same kind of low, grunting sound.  "Finally my sister grabbed my arm and we
just kind of floated home,'' Combs said. "Our feet didn't hit the ground. We were that
scared.''  Call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti or whatever name you want to call it. Stories
such as Combs' abound in Monroe County, and most place the creature in the
south-central and south-western part of the county in the Lake Monroe area.

Several years ago a Lampkins Ridge resident told The Herald-Times about a creature
he saw one night near Unionville. "It was very tall, very broad, very hairy,'' he said. "And
just for a couple of seconds it turned toward me and made a low-pitched screaming
noise. Then it turned, took two steps and was gone. ''

Combs, the Perry Township trustee, wrote a research paper about Monroe County
creature sightings while he was a student at Indiana University. In the paper, several
Monroe County residents discuss experiences not unlike Combs'.

A 43-year-old Smithville woman said that on one rainy night, she saw a creature with a
shovel or pitchfork, digging in the road. The woman described the creature as big and
wide and shaggy, covered with hair or fur.  The woman said she called out, "Who is it?''
and when the creature did not answer, she asked again and again, "Who are you? Who
are you?  "Then, after a while, something says, 'It can't answer you. It doesn't have a
head','' she recalled. The woman also said the creature seemed to gallop when it ran,
making a noise like hooves hitting the asphalt.

Several people have described the creature as appearing to be either headless or
neckless. One 28-year-old man described seeing a similar creature near Bloomington on
Rhorer Road. And he said it literally scared to death a healthy horse stabled in a
neighbor's barn.

Combs, a man known to have a good sense of humor, stresses that he is dead serious
about his story and the stories of others. "I saw something,'' he said last week. "All I know
is I saw something and I wouldn't really call it human.''  When pressed to guess what he
saw, Combs said, "It wasn't a social object. I'd love to say Bigfoot, but I don't know. I saw
something, a biped hominid (a human-like creature on two legs). It had two legs and two
arms, very long arms, and it was covered with hair.''  Combs said the image of the
creature still haunts him. He admits that last summer, he abandoned several late
night/early morning catfishing expeditions because he heard something in the woods and
"got spooked.''  "I've never been scared like I was scared that day (23 years ago),'' he
said. "I was on a plane once that had an aborted take-off and that didn't come close to
scaring me the way (the creature) did.''

By Courtesy and Copyrighted:
HeraldTimesOnline.com 1988

And still today...

reply posted on 5-4-2009 @ 09:40 PM by Rotwang17
RE: mrwupy

Would you care to give more details about your sighting? I have spoken to two
individuals whom I worked with that encountered "Bigfoots" in the Bloomington Indiana
area. One was at a place called Big Tunnel, in Tunnelton Indiana and the other was
outside of Bedford Indiana. The sighting in Tunnelton was an albino Bigfoot, which has
also been sighted near Trogdon Lane just north of Bedford. It's been named the Trogdon
Lane monster and while I was in Big Tunnel (a 3/4 mile long train tunnel) I found a spray
painted depiction of this albino Bigfoot that was about 10 feet in hight. It was rather
impressive, it has been since painted over with other graffiti. Sightings of this nature
seem to be rather common here.