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Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Food Services

The township may provide assistance in obtaining food, household supplies and
personal hygiene items for qualified applicants from the township resource center.
The amount and description of food, household supplies and personal hygiene
township guidelines.  Also, the trustee shall refer any individual or household
before or immediately upon their application for food relief to the appropriate
agency in charge of any federal food allotment program.

Food Limitations  

It shall be unlawful for the township to supply food purchased out of the township
assistance fund for an applicant or a household that is eligible to participate in the
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) food assistance program. The township may
supply food for an eligible EFT applicant or household only under any of the
following conditions:   (IC 12-20-16-6)

1. During the interim when an applicant or a household is awaiting a determination
of eligibility from the food stamp office and ending not later than five days after the
day the applicant or household becomes eligible to participate in the food stamp

2. Upon loss of the food supply through unavoidable spoilage, fire or other act(s)
of nature.

3. Upon a written statement from a physician indicating that one or more members
of the household needs a special diet, the cost of which is greater than can be
purchased with the household's allotment of food stamps.  An expenditure of
township assistance funds, for compliance with this section, should not occur until
later in the monthly food stamp issuance cycle.

4. When the trustee determines that a household including a one-member
household is in need of supplementary food assistance, provided, however, that
the household has participated in the food stamp program to the fullest extent
allowable and that such supplementary food assistance is given solely upon the
circumstances in each individual case.

5. Households reporting the theft of food stamps must first file a "theft report" with
the local police department before any assistance will be given. Habitually
reporting the theft or loss of food stamps and\or tax supported cash awards will
result in a denial.