The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Funeral/Burial Services
cremation of the deceased individual not leaving sufficient resources (i.e.. cash, automobile, and\or real
property) to defray expenses.  Any invoice seeking payment for a burial/funeral or cremation must include
a "death certificate" and itemized statement of services  before payment can be authorized.  Under
normal circumstances, the township will not authorize funeral  and burial or cremation for weekends,
holidays, or at other times which increases the cost. (IC 12-20-16-12)

Superintend (Defined)  The legal definition of "Superintend" means to "take charge", to supervise, to
manage, or to direct.  Therefore, the person the township provides to superintend shall be responsible for

"taking charge" and "supervising", among other things, both the selection of the funeral home and, if
necessary, the cemetery for the deceased individual.

Funeral/ Burial or Cremation Application  The township requires a surviving member of the deceased
person's family make a formal request for "Burial and Funeral or Cremation Assistance" before providing
a person to superintend.  If there are no surviving family members, the funeral home having possession of
the deceased shall formally request the assistance on behalf of the deceased person.  The formal
request will involve completion of a "Request for Burial Assistance" form.

Burial Transportation Expenses  The township will not pay for the cost of transporting the remains of
an indigent person back to Clear Creek Township unless it can be determined that the deceased was, in

fact, a resident of Clear Creek Township at the time of death*. Such cost must be itemized and are in
addition to any mortuary payments.

"Sufficient" Funds for Funeral/Burial/Cremation The township will neither provide a person to
"Superintend" nor become a participant in the funeral, burial or cremation of a deceased individual, if it is

determined that the deceased person has sufficient funds, real or personal property, or other assets to
defray funeral, burial or cremation expenses.

Contribution from Surviving Family Members  Any solicited and or donated monies intended to help
offset the cost of the funeral, burial  or cremation of the deceased shall be deducted from the township's
maximum allowable payment.