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Medical Services
subsidized medical benefits, such as; MEDICAID or MEDICARE.  The township may not provide medical assistance
to an individual if the individual could qualify for medical assistance for the same service under IC 12-16 (Hospital
pending period for Medicaid, or other governmental medical program, the Trustee may provide interim medical
shall only pay the cost of the following medical services for the eligible and qualifying applicants of the township as
listed in IC-12-20-16-2:

Office Calls (Medical Service Providers)  It is the responsibility of applicants to make their own appointments for
visits to medical service providers.  Clients requesting authorization for a visit to a medical service provider, except
in cases of emergencies, must first obtain authorization from the township.  The cost of visits to a medical specialist
cannot be paid by the township, unless the applicant was first referred to a specialist by their attending physician.  
(IC 12-20-16-2)

Emergency Room Treatment The township may pay for necessary emergency room treatment that is of an
emergency nature.  However, a medical emergency does not exist in situations where the illness\injury could and
would have been treated during a routine office call by a family doctor, and the applicant could have made contact
with the township office before such visit. (IC 12-20-16-2)

Prescription Drugs -  The township will furnish prescription drugs prescribed by a duly licensed physician provided
the client has filed an Affidavit and Application for Township Assistance. Any prescription assistance shall not
exceed a 30-day supply. However, it is the policy of Michigan Township not to provide any assistance towards any
prescribed drug deemed a "controlled substance" or "narcotic" based.

Insulin -  The township shall furnish insulin without charge to township residents who are in need of such treatment
for diabetes, and who are financially unable to purchase the insulin, upon the application of a duly licensed
physician. The application from the physician shall affirm, in the physician's belief, that the person is financially
unable to pay for the insulin themselves.  Upon receipt of an official blank form properly filed out and signed, in ink,
by a physician, any dealer may file this as a legal claim with the township in order to receive the market price of the
insulin being furnished.  Physicians may obtain these blank forms from the local Department of Public Health
(IC 16-41-19-5). However, a township is not responsible for paying for insulin if, after a second time request, the
Trustee has evidence that the individual has the financial ability to pay for the Insulin. The township shall consider
an adult individual needing insulin as an individual and not as a member of a household requesting township

Time Limits -  Emergency office calls, duly prescribed drugs and necessary emergency room medical treatment
received in a hospital emergency room may be paid by the township, provided a proper request for the service is
made to the township office by the applicant or a member of the applicant's household, within fifteen (15) working
days of the time the services are rendered. Failure to notify the township, by either party, within the prescribed time
limits shall result in a denial.

Dental Care and Treatment -  The payment of dental care and\or treatment shall be limited to those cost which are
medically necessary to eliminate pain and\or infection in the most economical and practical way.  The township may
pay the cost of denture replacements and\or repairs not covered by other tax supported programs.  However, the
township will not pay for the initial cost of dentures.

Eyeglasses - The township may pay the cost of eye exams, eyeglasses, eyeglass repair or eyeglass replacement
for eligible poor relief applicants provided the applicant has exhausted all other tax supported programs providing
a similar service. (IC 12-20-16-2)  


Unless prohibited by law, the township will seek reimbursement for the payment of medical services from township
assistance funds and provided the individual for which the services were rendered is eligible for medical service
under a state medical plan.
(IC 12-20-16-2 <e>)