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Shelter Services
actually required for the number of persons in the household.  

Shelter Defined:  For the purpose of administering shelter assistance, the definition of a shelter unit is a
house, a mobile home, an apartment, a group of rooms, or a single room, occupied as separate living
quarters, or if vacant, intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.  "Separate Living Quarters" are
those in which the occupants do not live and eat with any other person(s) in the building and which have
direct access from the outside of the building or through a common hall.  Exception to the definition of
"Shelter" may include; temporary group homes and \or shelters. (IC 12-7-2-177)

Shelter Documentation:  Whenever an applicant requests assistance from the township, a written
information statement from the applicant's landlord is required.  An "in-house" form will be given to the
applicant to have the landlord complete and return to the township. This statement will include the full name
of the landlord (or the landlord's agent if applicable); their mailing address; their telephone number, as well
as other data necessary to determine eligibility of the household. Completion of this form will signify that the
landlord will accept payment from the trustee's office for shelter. The form must be signed by the landlord.  If
a lease agreement is required, then the lease must be in the name of an adult member of the applicant's
household and a copy of the lease furnished to the township.

Shelter Limitations:  Shelter assistance will not be paid to relatives (as landlords) on behalf of an
applicant when the applicant is living in the same household; to relatives (landlords) in separate housing if
the housing is unencumbered by mortgage, or the property has not been previously rented by the  relative to
a different tenant at reasonable market rates for at least (6) six  months. Nor will the township recognize
expenditures (receipts) paid to relatives when living in the same household. If township funds are expended,
for shelter to an applicant's relative, then the trustee may file a lien against the real property.  For the
purpose of this section the term "relative" includes only the parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, sibling,
step-sibling, grandparent, step-grandparent, grandchild, or step-grandchild of a poor relief applicant. (IC

Shelter Deposits    It is the policy of the township not to expend township assistance funds for payment of
shelter deposits. Such obligations shall be the responsibility of the applicant and be paid prior to any
shelter assistance from the township.

Tax Supported Shelter Programs  The township is not under any obligation to enter into a contract or
pay shelter cost, on behalf of an otherwise eligible applicant, to a public or private agency which is wholly or
partially funded by federal or state funds. (IC-12-20-17-2)

First Time Residents  The township is not required to provide shelter assistance to an otherwise eligible
individual if the (1) individual's most recent residence was provided by the individual's parent, guardian, or
foster parent,  and (2) the individual, without just cause, leaves that resident for the shelter for which the
individual seeks assistance. If an individual as described in this  section becomes a member of another
township assisted household, then the entire household may be denied assistance. (IC 12-20-16-17)

H.U.D. Subsidized Shelter  The Trustee will not be obligated to subsidize or otherwise provide additional
shelter assistance from the township poor relief fund to households living in shelter units already paid for
wholly or in part by HUD.

Moving Applicants that move within sixty (60) days immediately preceding their application for township
assistance from shelter provided by a relative, or any form, kind, or type of subsidized shelter will be
ineligible for township assistance.  The burden of establishing good, just, and reasonable cause for having
moved shall be upon the applicant.  (IC 12-7-2-200.5)


A person in need may obtain aid from the Township where he\she lives. It is not necessary to live in a
particular Township for any specific length of time so long as you live in the Township where you apply. You
may also apply for township assistance from a township where you are not a resident, if you are in need of
temporary help and are unable to return to your township of residence for such assistance. However, a
person in a township solely for assistance will be ineligible. The definition of residency\household shall not
be construed to mean temporary living arrangements made available by friends, relatives, their
acquaintances or social services agencies, either public or private. The residency must not be established
for the primary purpose of qualifying for township assistance. In order to verify an applicant's residency and
their intent to live permanently in the township, the township shall consider the conduct of the applicant, both
active and passive, as may reveal an intent to reside within a given household and within the township.  
Such items shall include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

*     Mailing Address
*     Driver's Licenses
*     Telephone listing
*     Voter's Registration
*     Utility Billings
*     Address given to others
*     Motor Vehicle registrations
*     Addresses given to former employers
*     US Postal Services "change of address" notices
*     Any other item, documentation, or verification requested from the applicant
*      Individuals in the United States without the permission of the Immigration and Naturalization
Service              is ineligible to receive poor relief assistance. (IC 12-20-8, IC 12-14-2.5-3)