The busiest "little" township in Indiana
Clear Creek Township
Monroe County, Indiana
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Utility Assistance
of delinquent bills for such services, when necessary to prevent disconnection or to restore terminated
1. The township will NOT pay utility deposits.
2. The utility service must be in the name of an adult member of the requesting household; an
emancipated minor who is the head of the household, or a landlord or former member of the household
if the applicant proves that the applicant is responsible for payment of the bill.
3. The township will not pay for utility service received as a result of a fraudulent act by any adult member
of a household requesting poor relief.
4. The township will not consider the payment of delinquent utility bills if the applicant was ineligible for
township assistance at the time the utility services were incurred, or the delinquent bill is older than
twenty-four (24) months.
5. The township will not consider the payment of "master metered" utility service when more than one
household is served by the same meter.
6. The township will not consider the payment of estimated utility bills.
7. During the period the state's energy assistance program is in effect, the township will not pay or
consider the payment of utility bills until after the state's energy assistance is credited to the applicant's

ENERGY PROGRAMS - Applicants seeking township assistance with the payment of energy bills must
first utilize all available federal and state programs designed to assist indigent households with the cost of
energy, and must furnish the township with written proof that an application for such assistance has been
requested from other governmental sources. During that part of the year, however, when applications are
being accepted by the state's Energy Assistance Program, the township shall inform an applicant of
assistance for heating fuel or electric services that assistance may be available from the state. The
township will either refer the applicant to the state's Energy Assistance program, or the township may
certify the poor relief applicant as eligible using criteria established for this purpose by the state.  The
certification shall be on an application form prescribed by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.  The
township will neither certify nor process Energy Assistance applications for non township assistance
applicants. (IC 12-20-16-3)